Doing Just Because You’ve Always Done…

Lately I’ve been noticing things that are very outdated. Could be a bathroom at a store. Or a policy at a business. Customer service, Cheesy signage or a  method in ministry. And one of my favorites, the way someone dresses! All things that can affect your opinion or your experience. The thing that amazes me most when I notice them, I can instantly think of a few simple things they could do to update and make things look, run and feel better.  After all, when you are running a ministry or business, isn’t your goal to be appealing to your customers and providing the best experience possible, along with encouraging growth and revenue? Most of the time, its things that wouldn’t cost a whole lot of money or effort. So why do they leave it the same way? One of the best examples I can give (and I hope and pray he never reads this!) is my Father-in-Law. There are countless run- ins that my husband and I have had with him where we have tried to introduce a newer, easier and better method, but he refuses to try it. Why? Well, for years I have tried to look at things from his perspective, but the true answer, he is just set in doing what he has always done! The same goes for a church, or a business. Why do we forget to update, improve or even step back and look at how others are doing things succesfully and then asking tough questions like “Why are we doing what we are doing? Why are we doing it the way we are doing it? Is it working?”. I agree that what may work for one ministry or business may not work for another, but isn’t there life in learning what DOESN’T work just as much as learning what DOES work. And I am one to believe whole heartedly in the opinion of the customer. Your customers and first time visitors to your ministry or business are gonna be some of the freshest eyes you can get. More than likely, you may not agree with whatever issue they are having about your ministry or business. But I bet, 9 times out of 10 they are almost always right! I heard one of my favorite leaders, Andy Stanley, once say, “When you are in a room that you’ve just painted, you don’t smell the fumes because you have become use to them. But have someone else walk in the room and they are gasping at how strong the paint smells. Sometimes it takes stepping out of the “rooms” we are always in to get a fresh perspective.” In the mean time, I guess my father- in law will continue to pull his black dress socks up to his knees while wearing his white tennis shoes.

Do You Ever Feel Like You Are Driving In Circles?

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