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Wordless Wednesday 2.2.11

In honor of all the White outside across the country, I was inspired to do Black & White photos on this Wordless Wednesday. Enjoy!

Our snow bear chillin'!

The Princess giving out the sweetest kisses to me!

Snowmaggeddon 2011 only gave us 3 inches of ice and a few inches of snow

The perks of sleet? Entertaining to watch for the 1 year old

Wordless Wednesday

This is his favorite game in this phase of life. Opening and closing!

October and wearing a skirt and tank top!

Last Game of the season! Was a beautiful day!

Wordless Wednesday

Somebody got out of her bed and fell asleep here instead. She even put socks on!

Wordless Wednesday

He fell sound asleep in his Jumparoo!

I was a wild mommy and gave her a mini ice cream cone in the car!

My baby boy is in his new booster seat! Where did the time go?!

Wordless Wednesday

Show off!

He would stay at the end of this dock fishing all day, everyday if we'd let him.

Uncle Nathan and Evan caught 10 fish in a row on Labor Day at the Lake

My husband and I got to go out to dinner and enjoy this!

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