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“Sticky” Situations

So some of you may have seen my tweet last night about a “Sticky” situation my 3 year old daughter created.


“My 3yr old sits in the 3rd row of my do u other parents handle it when driving ur child says “Here mom, I have a boogie!” ???”

Follow Up Tweet:

A)you pull over and wipe it off of her finger immediately.B) ignore her and shutter at what she is going to do with it or c)tell her to wipe it on something

Now I’m still interested in finding out what all you other parents in the world do in this kind of situation. There are a lot of kids in the world and I’m sure that there has to be parents that face these kinds of situations all the time, right?! If not, please tell me where I went wrong?!

So you wanna know what actually happened?

I was in a panic, I kept saying,”Hold on, we’re almost there!”

This was then followed by a small innocent voice that had conquered the issue. She said, “Mom, it was a BIG one!”

I shreeked, “Ewe, where is it?!

Proudly my daughter says, “Its swimming in my tummy now!”

I snapped, “Did you swallow it?”

Sheepishly she responds, “Nope! It’s just swimming in my belly!”

My 4 year old son the detective says, “Wait, if you didn’t swallow it, but it’s in your belly swimming, how did it get in there? Boogies don’t have legs to walk.”

Lord, Help me!

I Played The Daddy Card

Evan: “Hey Mom! What’s that building?”
Me: Noticing he pointed at a Funeral Home…”What do you think that building is Evan?”
Evan: “Well, it looks a little bit like our neighbors house but bigger.”
Me: “Hmmm!”
Evan: “Maybe I could ask Daddy and he would know what it is.”
Me: “Yes! Ask Daddy! Daddies are SO smart about things, aren’t they?!”
Evan: “Or Maybe I could just ask an Evan because they’re really smart too!”
Me: (Phew!)

Share your funny conversations with your kids in the comment section below.

Photo found at Flickr by ccarlstead

Child Like Faith

Evan: “Mommy, when daddy was at the dentist, did he get a prize?”

Me: “Well, I’m not sure mommy and daddy’s get prizes like kids do.”

Evan: “Well, maybe he got a sticker?”

Me: “Ask Daddy when he gets home.”

Evan: “Mom, you know why Daddy was so brave about going to the dentist?”

Me: “Why ?”

Evan: “Because he doesn’t have to be afraid of anything because God is always with him. He can just talk to him if he gets scared!”

Me: “I love you, Evan!”