Goodbye To Fear

All of us have fears. As a parent, the moment we find out the existence of our children, concerns and worries begin. I knew a mom back in my babysitting days that was afraid of several things. So much so that those fears began to impact her children and they too took on those fears. One of her fears were of elevators and escalators. Now I don’t think you’re wrong for having this fear if you do, but bear with me. This woman would walk 5 miles to get to stairs to avoid an elevator or an escalator. I asked her once if something happened in the past like a bad experience with one of these. She replied with “No, and I intend to keep it that way.”

One time I took her 5yro son to the mall by myself. We were having a great time until we approached the elevator. I got on and turned around to find him dead in his tracks and eyes as wide as a deer in head lights. He was just shaking his head like “No way! I am not getting on that thing!”

I leaned down and said “Why don’t you want to get on?” He shrugged his shoulders. I said “If I hold your hand super tight would you do it? There’s nothing to be afraid of. ”

The elevator doors opened for us to get on and we did. You see at the end of the ride I asked again “Why we’re you scared to get on?” He replied “I don’t know! My mom never let’s me go near one. Can we do that again?!”

I want my children to know that their God is big and strong. That He goes everywhere with them and there’s nothing to fear. Fear can paralyze you from experiencing something you may need to experience. Fear can keep us from doing the things sometimes that we need to do. But the reality is, God’s right there saying “I gotcha!” Now every time I see an elevator or an escalator, I’m reminded to say goodbye to fear and to remind my kids of why we can say goodbye to fear.

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