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Over the holiday weekend, we took time away from our usual everyday life and vacationed with my family at my brothers condo at the lake. It’s a blast every time we go! However, at this phase of life with 3 under 4 yrs, it brings on a need for a 2 day detox for my kids. Extended family is awesome. But it also means my kids have triple the number of adults to turn to for something and they rarely get told “no.” I suppose that’s my families right as they fight for cool points and try to out do one another. Really, they don’t have to do much. They rank very high already without all the extra stuff!

With the start of the 2 day detox, I often am reminded of just how hard parenting can be. There’s moments that you feel very alone and very defeated. You need answers. You need support. You need a nap or a full night of uninterrupted sleep. I’ve been told by others that my sleep will return in about 20 more years. Sigh. I dozed off twice while writing this post.

Parenting Beyond Your CapacityMy husband and I have fallen in love with the book by Reggie Joiner and Carey Nieuwhof, Parenting Beyond Your Capacity. It has been a book that you don’t race through, but rather have to put it down after each chapter and wrestle with a lot of what it says and evaluate yourself, your kids and your family. You’ll finish the book and keep coming back┬áto find more answers. While the book itself gives great advice, you’ll realize that so many of the answers to parenting lie within you and how God created you and the story of your family. If you answer yes to any of the statements below, you need to read this book!

- You’re tired
- You’ve struggled with what you should do as a parent in a number of situations
- Your kids have not always behaved the way you’ve wanted them to
- You’ve stayed awake worrying about your kids
- You’ve wondered if you’re a good parent

Why not have a game plan at Parenting? Why not have a strategy? You’ll realize the importance of one if you read this book. I promise!

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